Let’s support Tsipras against austerity


Bipolarism, Europe, globalization and the priorities of finance vs politics and the real economy have destroyed the representative democracy. We need a drastic turn to free us from men alone (or in bad company) to the command.

So: sink the constitutional (unelected Senate) and institutional (electoral law) reforms, leave the EU pact, nationalize the central bank, reintroduce protectionism and exclusivity of the state in the country’s strategic activities (health, education, energy, environment, telecommunications, energy and transport), economic planning at least ten years long, renegotiate public debt, a tax system based on capital rather than on income and indirect taxes, citizenship income, repeal of Treu, Biagi and Fornero laws. Instruments of direct democracy (proactive referendum without quorum, requirement of approval or rejection of the popular initiative laws with deadlines), limitation of the powers of government (eliminating or greatly limiting DDL, government delegation and trust votes) restoring the parliament centrality as provides by constitution.

We should support Tsipras, Podemos and all euro-critical forces, look for a coordination between all the countries of the south, to undo this Europe, reform it is not possible, to rebuild it on different basis (Ventotene Manifest).

Reforming the justice in a completely different way from what we now propose all political forces, reducing the time of civil process, abolition of the prescription for more serious financial crimes, laws with expiration date, abolition of any privilege for politicians. (with the exception for opinion crimes)

Reforming the school, especially the universities, which should be available to all citizens regardless of age, even with individual courses or courses of study, indipendently of the degree programs, providing services to businesses and being central in basic research.

In short, a ‘Left’ program if you can call it yet, otherwise call it populist but the content doesn’t change.



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