Greece Warns of possible earthquakes

Greece Warns of possible earthquakes in the coming days.

Athens 18 Nov (Prensa Latina) The Minister of Public Order of Greece, Vasilis Kikilias, today convened an emergency meeting after seismologists warned of the possibility of occurrence of strong earthquakes in the country in upcoming dates.
The warning came after this morning produced four earthquakes between 5.2 and 3.4 degrees on the Richter scale and could be felt in central Greece and the capital of the province of Attica.

Therefore, Kikilias summoned the relevant State agencies to create a strategy for dealing with a possible earthquake in the coming days and consider the level of preparedness for a warning by the agencies involved in this type of emergency .

Scientists are divided on the possible evolution of these phenomena in the near future, some of them providing dates and intensities of the next earthquake.

Speaking to the news portal Director of the Institute of Geodynamics of Greece, Akis Tselentis, considered that there might be earthquakes between 5.0 and 5.5 degrees of intensity in the coming days, but added that that level is not trigger the dangerous Atalanta tectonic fault, which runs along the Gulf of Evia.

For his part, Elias Tsiapas seismologist announced that there will be another earthquake on November 23, possibly between 5.1 and 5.6 degrees on the Richter scale, but also warned of a larger, up to 6.2 degrees, which could take place after 6 December.

In the same line, said Professor Kostas Papazajos, who said the tremors this morning were in the main of a series that you can not exclude continuing in the coming days.

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